About Us

RAN CONTRACTING LTD. was established in 1982 in Hong Kong as a professional fitting-out and renovation contractor, provides professional renovation, refurbishment and building services to Owners, Land Developers, Interior Designers, Architects, E & M and other specialized Consultants, Main Contractors.

Throughout the development in the past 30 years, the Company has a workforce of 30 plus staff, a well-experienced and seasoned team of project managers, in-house designers, site-coordinators and logistic supporting staff.

RAN CONTRACTING believes in :
- Quality of Works and Services.
- Reliability & Professionalism.
- Competitive Pricing
- Innovative Ideas
- Timely Completion of Projects.

Reliable, professional, quality work and service, in addition to timely completion of the projects have been significantly instrumental to the Company's success and Customer's continuing support. In working together closely as ' partners' rather than employer-contractor, the Company helps the customer to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness, enjoys savings in both costs and time.

RAN CONTRACTING LTD. further believes ' reliable and quality services' is the KEY to continuing success. 'Quality of staff' is the vital asset to provide and guarantee such services to ultimate customer satisfaction, as well as to safe-guard and enhance the Company's reputation in the marketplace.

Customer groups include but not restricted to : office premises, entertainment entities, residential premises, estate development projects, clubhouses, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, fashion boutiques, etc.

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